News and Analysis (3/3/20)

The U.S. promised the Taliban a prisoner exchange to which the Afghani government had not agreed, seeming to guarantee the agreement’s collapse:

“Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, a long-time proponent of a gold-backed currency, said that the use of gold dinar and barter trade will be revisited and considered among Muslim leaders”:

“To showcase the compliance of their services with Islam, fintech firms are organising forums with Islamic scholars and sponsoring religious festivals”:

As the coronavirus hits top leadership, Iran mobilizes, even calling out the military …

… but will they accept Trump’s offer of assistance?

Much of the Delhi police force, controlled by the national government “was drawn off into the security arrangements for Donald Trump, … which would allow these mobs a freer hand”:

“[T]hreatening text messages” were sent to the chief “whose family immigrated to Paterson from Turkey when he was an infant, is a veteran city officer and took the top cop post Feb. 4”:

“The threat came ahead of the first anniversary of the 15 March terror attack last year, where 51 worshippers were killed at the Al Noor and Linwood mosques”:






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