News and Analysis (3/6/20)

In a panel discussion for the CPAC on International religious freedom, Trump’s trip to India was described as great and the anti-Muslim Violence as a “not-one sided conflict” …

… oblivious to the fact that “[t]he anti-Muslim ideology of the RSS is driving both the decisions of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and the pogroms …

… and that Modi’s attempt to recover from his six years of policy and economic setbacks lies at the heart of the mob violence targeting Muslims in India:

The new county commissioner says she “was driven to politics … after my best friend …, her husband … and younger sister … were brutally murdered in their home in Chapel Hill in a hate crime committed by their neighbor”:

World Health Organization urges the world needs to stand together to fight the Coronavirus outbreak, and declares sanctions shall not apply to emergency aid …

… yet some pressure groups seek “to impose reputational costs on companies that engage in lawful and legitimate trade with Iran” to address the public health crisis:

“[T]he Iranian director who won the the top award at last month’s Berlin film festival, has been ordered to serve a one-year prison sentence over his movies”:

“Palestinians flocked to the Joint List party and denied the prime minister a majority. Now they could even help oust him”:

“On Friday, the settlers had made their first attempt to seize Mount Al-Urma but were repelled by hundreds of locals. The confrontation left 93 people injured by Israeli live fire and rubber bullets”:

A transcript of Bob Peck’s new documentary “Solidarity” reveals the untold Palestinian suffering and history of the Israeli occupation, colonization, and apartheid in Palestine:

In defiance of simple logic, ‘[t]he White House claims that Palestinian leaders will have only themselves to blame if a plan they’ve rejected outright comes to fruition without their approval”:

Republican officials suggesting Islam and shariah not compatible with American ideology motivates Dr. Kasem of Islamic Association of Kokomo to recommend a community Islamic education:






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