News and Analysis (12/3/12)

Israel’s aggressive response to the UN recognition of Palestinian statehood expands beyond illegal settlements to confiscation of Palestinian tax money, alienates her European allies, and even annoys the U.S.:

A Palestinian construction worker attacks the occupation army with his car and an ax …

… and anti-war and pro-civil rights singer has withdrawn from a benefit concert for the soldiers of the apartheid state and “announced he would be making donations to charities that support Israeli and Palestinian children with disabilities”:

The decision by Egypt’s Supreme Judicial Forum “suggests enough officials can be mobilized to oversee the vote” as to whether the electorate will ratify the hastily drafted constitution:

“[I[n a nation where beliefs persisted that Muslim women were oppressed by a religious doctrine, rather than by misguided individuals. It was time to reclaim the narrative”:

“A practical businessman … advocates that Muslims remain in the mainstream of the society they live in. Language and local culture, he says, bind people, not just religion”:

The rector of the Grande Mosquée de Paris objects to calling the “small room in a private building” opened for gay Muslims a mosque, but adds that “all the faithful, whatever their private lives, were welcome in France’s mosques”even as he declares gay “practices are formally rejected by Islam and in total contradiction with the word of the Koran” …

… but a closeted gay Muslim student warns that “avoiding open discussions about deeply personal matters affecting our communities … leads to the circulation of myths and thus unhelpful solutions and the subsequent worsening of the original matter”:

“[D]eputy Multnomah County medical examiner Peter Bellant said Relin died of blunt force head injury, but declined to provide any other details”:

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