News and Analysis (3/8/20)

MbS shuts down the pilgrimage sites …

… and arrests potential political challengers:

Israel army snipers bragging about shooting dozens of unarmed Palestinian in the knee, many of them children; one sniper condemned the crackdown:

Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin who signed the letter opposing Trump’s peace plan said the plan is one-sided that would not move the peace process forward, and the Palestinian reaction is predictable:

Video clips of medical staff, in economic sanction and coronavirus-hit Iran, dancing through it all to lift the spirit of patients:

What were they thinking?

Fear over COVID-19 spread, urges the Islamic world, Sunni and Shiite, to ban Pilgrimage and Friday prayers:

How US sanction impacted Iran’s capability of developing a coronavirus vaccine:

Delaware Muslim Cemetery to reopen after a cease-and-desist issued for not meeting traffic safety was lifted:

Jill D’Alessandro of Fine Art Museum of San Francisco said Modest Muslim fashion often left out and misunderstood is now a major influence on global fashion:






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