News and Analysis (3/11/20)

The story of how Palestinian women cope with the unbearable living conditions Israeli has imposed upon Gaza:

19th century British women were active in the religious development of the Muslim community, a forgotten legacy:

The director general of the IAEA says that notwithstanding its claim no longer to be bound by the JCPOA since Trump’s unilateral violation, Iran hasn’t further exceeded the limits in over two months:

“He has put affection between their hearts; not if you had spent all that is in the earth, could you have produced that affection, but God has done it; for He is Exalted in might, Wise” — Qur’an [8:63]:

An artist in Kashmir laments, “I made absolutely nothing for at least the first 30 days [of the lockdown]. After that, I had to force myself into doing something, for the sake of my own sanity” …

… while India’s powerful working-class displays unity and solidarity in protests of BJP’s discriminatory anti-Muslim and anti-immigration legislation:

“While other Democrats have also reached out to Muslims, political scientist Youssef Chouhoud told the Los Angeles Times recently, ‘Sanders has done it first and done it bigger’”:

Marquette University offering “Christian Muslim Dialogue Course), students are astonished by the similarities and commonalities between the two faiths:

“Peace Now also denounced the plan’s approval” saying it “‘would allow Israel to cut the West Bank in half, build up E1 and the West Bank barrier, and shut down the possibility of developing a viable Palestinian state”:

— but bicycles provide a “way of thumbing the nose at occupation and connecting with the land”:

Iran’s “conservatives are not homogeneous and are divided into several subgroups”:






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