News and Analysis (3/15/20)

As American mosques ruminated over whether to cancel Friday prayers in the face of the coronavirus …

… FCNA notes, “Quarantine, social isolation, travel bans, restricted movement, visitations, congregation and socialization are among the precautionary and preventive measures” are found in Prophetic traditions:

Israel joins the list of countries using the coronavirus as an excuse to use “state-level intel gathering tools to track its population” …

… “After all, extreme times call for extreme measures, right? The only question is how extreme it can get”:

US-Iran tension and retaliation in Iraq increased after the killing of Gen. Soleimani …

… yet as the coronavirus threat increases, the US decided to reduce its costly and bloody military presence in the Middle East:

US sanctions hampering Iran’s corona fight, Iranian Central Bank requests five billion dollar assistance …

… Iran also urges lift of sanction targeting medical supplies and food, but Pompeo says Iran must release detained Americans first:

Palestinians protesting Israeli colonization is ongoing, so is Israeli shooting unarmed young protesters:

Hamas would to let Fatah choose from “a national unity government, … comprehensive Palestinian elections, … a Palestinian National Council meeting …, and … a meeting for the factions’ secretaries-general”:






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