News and Analysis (3/18/20)

Despite a “dire warning” …

… “An Islamist group broke open the door of the door of the Qom mausoleum, which honours Reza’s sister Fatima Masumeh” ignoring Rouhani’s advice that pilgrims connect to four closed holy sites “in spirit” …

… while at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque, prayers will be held outside during the coronavirus pandemic …

… and Palestinian soldiers raised Italian flags in occupied Palestinian city of Bethlehem to express solidarity:

Although the US political dispute with Iran interferes with the humanitarian aid to Iran’s effort against coronavirus …

… Sheikh Abdullah of UAE, stressed global cooperation in a phone call with Iran’s FM, and offered support to help the Iranian people survive the outbreak …

… similarly, “Washington and Tehran could use the public health emergency to show goodwill, dial down tensions while saving face, and avoid a dangerous confrontation”:

Professor Kamaly’s recounting of the history of Muslim women could dispel the myth about women inferiority in Islam:

A Muslim youth group in South Carolina has donated to charity agency in response to the COVID-19:

“Iraq has long feared it would get caught in the spiralling tensions between Iran and the US, its two main allies”:

Claims by the Director Health Services Kashmir (DHSK) “that they have blocked all alternative routes and are not allowing any one to enter Kashmir without proper screening” are disputed:

“[D]ifferences in students’ backgrounds and experiences, … treatment from staff and other students, and ‘barriers specifically associated with religious observation’ could all play a part in explaining the attainment gap”:

“The five men told state TV they were art students who had made the videos for a university project”:






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