News and Analysis (3/21/20)

India’s cruel grip on Kashmir is exacerbating the threat of the coronavirus:

After a five year absence, Sinead O’Connor finds solace from political and personal strife in Islam, with a concert of which one attendee says, “To say it was religious would be an understatement”:

Iran must struggle with coronavirus and with sanctions at the same time:

The U.S. launched a military response against Iran …

… absent any “clear evidence that the attacks, launched by the Shiite militia group Khataib Hezbollah, had been ordered by Iran” …

… and then danced around the issue at a press conference:

As a 12-year-old who was born and raised as a Christian, she did not realize, that the government’s inexplicable error identifying her as a Muslim on her ID card would one day prevent her from getting married:

“For the first time in Muslim history, communities ranging from Kenya to Saudi Arabia, from Britain to Kuwait have shuttered or curtailed access to mosques. Not so in Pakistan, where clerics are defiant”:

“Iran and France had agreed to swap Mr. Marchal and Jalal Ruhollahnejad, an Iranian engineer detained by the French authorities over accusations that he violated U.S. sanctions against Tehran”:






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