News and Analysis (3/29/20)

The Saudi monarchy “put dozens of Palestinian activists on trial” on charges of supporting the winners of the last free and fair election in Palestine, which Riyadh calls “terrorist group”:

Iran is among countries India agreed to help fight the pandemic …

… but where are the U.S. “politicians from both parties [who] mourned” the “death of … the young Iranian woman shot during a protest” now that sanctions are causing deaths of Iranian innocents”:

With Iran’s heightened nationalism, any new regime will resist foreign interference and pressure:

Israel army protects settlers beating Palestinians residents, a reflection of the increasing number of daily violence against Palestinians reported by Human Rights Watch:

The arrival of the coronavirus in Gaza would require cooperation between the Palestinians and the Israeli:

On Thursday, the Australian man accused of killing Muslim worshipers in New Zealand was convicted on all counts:

Jewish and Palestinian paramedic joint prayer for the coronavirus outbreak:

“Benny Gantz could have made history by forming a minority government with the support of the Palestinian parties. Instead he dismantled his own political camp and joined his rival”:






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