News and Analysis (12/5/12)

The draft constitution of the U.S. also lacked sufficient protection of human rights, and thus the first ten amendments; can a “bill of rights” end the Egyptian turmoil?

The winner of the 2012 Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought has ended her hunger strike “after the authorities lifted a travel ban on her 12-year-old daughter”:

Iran claims they have physical evidence of possession of U.S. drone, but the White House claims all drones are accounted for:

“The defence secretary … has been asked to launch an urgent inquiry into claims that British forces led a counter-insurgency operation in Afghanistan during which a 12-year-old boy and three teenagers were shot dead [at close range] while they were drinking tea”:

“We have begun to receive some of the most vile, mean-spirited e-mail I’ve ever read in my life, talking about All Saints participating in terrorism by being hospitable to Muslims”–Rev. Ed Bacon of All Saints Church in Pasadena:

“Broad-brushing the entire [Muslim Students Association] group is akin to labeling all evangelical Christians as freaks on par with the Westboro Baptist Church. But it’s good business for David Horowitz”:

“One side fights through the vote and the other through the courts—and both appeal to the streets to bypass the official political process….. Islamist political parties have widespread popular support, while secular parties have influence over state institutions…. There are no good and bad guys in this battle, only politics and expediency on both sides”:

Even as Palestinians’ upgraded status at the UN gives them new tools to challenge Israel’s intransigent contempt for international law, the apartheid state dismisses the world’s horrified reaction to its accelerating aggression as “Antisemitism”:

“Opposition forces now say that they’re focused on cutting government supply lines to the north to isolate government troops there, forcing them into a battle of attrition. Rebels, who have long struggled to advance due to Syria’s air force, also secured a boost last week when they used surface-to-air missiles to shoot down a helicopter and a jet”:

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