News and Analysis (4/6/20)

Images of Muslims congregating for prayer before the lockdown have been circulated falsely claiming they show violations of the lockdown:

Muslim leaders remind Tablight Jamaat missionaries, “The Prophet himself has asked to take precautions, follow community guidelines at the time of crisis. It is non- Islamic to dishonour the efforts of doctors”:

With the number of new daily coronavirus cases in decline, Rouhani will allow resumption of “low-risk” business activity …

… but the jump in stock prices is probably an artifact of inflationary monetary policies:

Calls emerge sources as varied as humanitarian groups to scientists to world officials to rival Arab states to American politicians to ease sanctions on Iran:

On Saturday Iran rejects US accusation of plotting the murder of Iranian dissident and suggests US consistent behavior to escalate tensions:

Trump was reminded on Wednesday that he needs Congress approval for military action against Iran:

Limited resources exacerbate the threat posed by the coronavirus from returnees to Palestine and Afghanistan:

“Nine suspected militants and three soldiers were killed in two separate incidents in Indian-administered Kashmir … as authorities enforced a lockdown to combat the spread of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic”:

The Muslim community of Louisville forms a coronavirus response team to help anyone in need with food and hygiene product:

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