News and Analysis (4/9/20)

FBI investigation of Americans nonviolent group supporting Palestinians relied heavily on biased right-wing claims:

With the coronavirus “the world is getting a taste of what daily Palestinian life has been like for decades”:

“Pakistani troops downed the drone when it “intruded 600 meters inside Pakistan’s territory” for surveillance along the Line of Control that divides the Pakistani- and Indian-controlled portions of Kashmir”:

Iran works with Interpol to exchange prisoners, after some 100,000 have been released:

Regardless of political differences, U.A.E. is the first country to send aid for Iran to fight coronavirus:

Arrested on “allegations of [child] abuse …later concluded to be unfounded” the woman was left in tears at having to remove what she sees as “not a fashion accessory but important to her religious faith”:

You’d think Muslims would know: Ingesting alcohol doesn’t cure you; it kills you:






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