News and Analysis (12/8/12)

With the opposition split over how to respond to Mursi’s invitation to dialog, the FJP and the military signal mutual support …

… but dissatisfaction with Mursi’s assumption of dictatorial powers is not limited to the secular opposition:

Backed by the anonymous replacement for the head of the “Qassem armed wing,” recently assassinated by Israel as he was reviewing a false Israeli offer for a cease-fire, Meshal shows that Netanyahu has no monopoly on intransigence, declaring “There will be no concession on an inch of the land”:

“An internal report for the U.S. Congress has concluded that Iran probably is no longer on track, if it ever was, to having an ocean-crossing missile as soon as 2015”:

“The white woman from suburban Philadelphia who became a Muslim jihadist and has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder a Swedish cartoonist” says she turned to Islam to escape violence against women in America and to militancy in anger over the Israeli bombing of children:

“[T]here is only one Muslim woman member of Parliament in Thailand,” but the new Leadership Academy aims to change that:

This is “a ‘teachable moment’ in terms of shining a light on how the ‘fear-mongers,’ that is, the Islamophobia network in the United States, works to try to disrupt and discredit strong interfaith work among religious groups at the grassroots”:

With Jordanians increasingly dissatisfied with the declining economy, “[t]he Muslim Brotherhood seems ready for a more active role in Jordanian politics. But the group says it wants no part in changing the government”:

As the …

… the French fund the rebels who have elected a new ommander and will next target the Damascus International Airport:

“The comments follow a diplomatic flap after Bahrain’s crown prince did not mention the U.S. at the opening of the conference Friday as he listed critical allies in the kingdom’s 22-month battle against an Arab Spring-inspired uprising. Bahrain is home to the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet”:

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