News and Analysis (4/15/20)

Juan Cole analyzes Trump’s totalitarian view of the power of the President:

“This is so frustrating. Trying to download the guidelines for intensive care management as proposed by docs in England. 24 Mbs and one hour. Still not able to do so” — a Kashmiri doctor:

The moments it took “to find the harasser and expel him from the room … felt like a lifetime as he spewed hate with a voice that sounded empty, almost soulless. Even as none of us were surprised, all of us were stunned”:

Having won a legal case against the U.S. effort to use Tehran $1.6 billion, frozen in Luxembourg, to pay victims of Sept. 11, Iran seeks to use the funds to buy medicine and other essentials to fight the pandemic …

… and now, the US alleges Iran would use released money to fund terrorism:

WHO advises burial of corona victims is as safe as cremation, but Sri Lanka authorities defend the imposition of cremation by citing the country’s groundwater level and time:

Because there were “no other relatives except his wife and young children;” Muslim neighbors made arrangements for Hindu rites and cremation for the Hindu cancer victim:

Israeli officials disagree on dismantling of Iran’s nuclear capability before it reaches “a point of no return;” could Kochavi stop Netanyahu from starting a broader war:






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