News and Analysis (4/20/20)

Her “work has appeared in several publications including The Washington Post, The New Humanitarian, TRT World, Al Jazeera, The Caravan and others”:

Iran’s FM “said his country would soon start exporting ventilators to the rest of the world” and that “the United States should stop interfering in the affairs of other nations”:

Myanmar’s immigration chief says the prisoners released “after fears that its overcrowded prisons could become hotbeds for runaway coronavirus outbreaks” will be quarantined, but offered no details:

“[M]any other prison systems seemed to almost view the situation as business as usual” …

… yet despite Iran’s temporary release of “some 85,000 inmates, including political prisoners,” the director of the prison where Fatemeh Khishvand is reportedly quarantined denies she has the coronavirus:

In the face of the pandemic challenges compounding the challenges of the occupation, Palestinians adopt new ways to observe Ramadan:

Bahrain released political prisoners and resumed flights to Iran to bring Bahrainis home:

CAIR alleges a Muslim health care worker and customer of La Mart wearing covering for protection from COVID-19 was tased by store security for declining to the covering:

To underline the role of the military staff working in the front line fighting coronavirus, Iran demonstrated medical equipment in its National Army Day:

An ‘asymmetric” outcome if a US-Iran clash breaks out with Iran targeting US interest abroad:






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