News and Analysis (10/27/08)

Reports indicate US forces illegally crossed into Syria to target insurgents:

“How can we possibly have a serious national unity dialogue with people who claim to be patriotic Palestinians in daylight hours while at night they coordinate with the Israeli army the next wave of arrests against our people?” – Hamas Official:

Misguided polices will lead to disaster for fragile Pakistani democracy:

Eighteen months after scheduled completion, budget tripled, sewage running in the streets, and most homes will never be connected:

West Bank settlers slashed car tires, defaced a Muslim cemetery and threatened Israeli troops:

“In the 21st century there is a real need for a film that emotionally engages audiences on the journey that led to the birth of Islam”:

Embodying the struggles of the Palestinian people, their national team plays the first home game in the West Bank:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant

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