News and Analysis (4/25/20)

Cancelling Islamic rituals has precedents in Islamic history such as the pilgrimage cancellations during the cholera outbreaks of 1837 and 1846:

“The state has silenced politicians, the pulpit, and other sections of the society” and now goes after the “few independent media voices”:

As different states look at different scapegoats for their failures in dealing with the Coronavirus, India blames it favorite target:

Because of the Palestinian population’s young average age, only two of the “484 reported coronavirus cases as of April 24 … have died so far”…

… but while Israel’s stranglehold on the Occupied Territories has delayed the outbreak of Coronavirus there, but will leave them “weakly positioned to cope when contagion kicks in more forcefully”:

President Rouhani promises Iran would never be the one to shoot first, but IRGC leader General Hossein Salami has ordered the navy “to destroy any American terrorist force in the Persian Gulf that threatens .. Iran’s … ships”:

Goldblum hedged, “I’m just … thinking out loud and maybe being stupid,” but when a non-religious Iranian wears a “red and white striped kaftan and a blue hijab outlined with 50 stars,” is s/he inviting the questions?






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