News and Analysis (4/26/20)

India’s recent discrimination against Muslims and accusing them of deliberately spreading the virus, complicates the country’s fight against the pandemic:

[P]olice allow[ed] Hindu mobs to roam the streets freely to target the Muslim community” and since have focused their investigation on Muslim and student activists who have protested the Citizenship Amendment Act”:

With coronavirus coming on top of a political lockdown, “local medical professionals say they are seeing a rise in suicides and an increase in already disturbingly high rates of domestic abuse”:

Coronavirus is a common enemy to Israelis and Palestinians, but will annexation destroy the opportunity it provides?

A two pound baby prevails over pandemic and sanctions:

While the rest of the world grapples with an oversupply of fuel, Venezuela, with one of world’s largest oil reserves, crushed under US sanctions, cooperates with Iran on oil refining, agriculture and COVID-19:

Dr. Siddiqui, director of Dessert Valley medical group in Victorville, and thousands Muslim first responders are facing challenges of fasting Ramadan while making critical decisions fighting coronavirus:

Advice for non-Muslim colleagues on how to communicate with and be supportive to Muslim counterparts during Ramadan:

Rouhani stresses Iran’s right to defend itself against any threat to its security while calling for stability in the region:






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