News and Analysis (4/29/20)

Zainab Ramahi explains why the Court has, once again, as with its decision, failed in its Constitutional duty to protect minorities from majoritarianism :

In a statement Monday, Kuwait appealed to the Organisation of International Cooperation (OIC) to cease its toleration of Indian crimes against the rights of its Muslim:

A BJP legislator does the those who terrorize Muslim meat producers one better, personally threatening a Muslim vegetable vendor:

China’s fear of American sanctions is shrinking its bilateral trade with Iran:

As coronavirus and the economy threaten Trump re-election, he is desperately eyes a war with Iran to boost his Presidential campaign:

A pregnant woman is among the activist charged under a draconian anti-terrorism law for campaigning against the Citizenship law aimed at India’s large Muslim minority:

Nichola Profitt, arrested and charged in the arson fire Friday at Cape Girardeau Islamic Center, is held without bond:






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