News and Analysis (5/7/20)

Rejecting the Constitution’s limitation of war making power to Congress, Trump denies his “constitutional authority to use military force [is] limited to defending the United States and its forces against imminent attack”:

Iran starts exporting home-produced COVID-19 diagnostic kits that can accurately identify if someone was exposed to the COVID-19 to the West …

… even as Pompeo hopes UNSC will renew the expiring arms embargo on Iran despite the likelihood of a Russian or Chinese veto and the failure of the policy, which is exacerbated by the Covid crisis:

Iran’s ministry of Industry issues license for bitcoin mining farm with 600 miners that will offer services in the Middle East:

Palestinians call Israeli attempt to control the Hebron mosque “a violation of existing agreements and UNESCO resolutions … carried out with the support and encouragement of the US administration” …

… but then, “the Palestine-Israel war was never one between two national movements contesting equally over the same land but was always a “settler colonial conquest” by Europe-based Zionists”:

Abu al Qasim al Zahrawi, pioneer of modern surgery and the first compiler of illustrated medical encyclopedia, whose books were used in European universities for over five centuries, “is not given enough credit”:

“In Indian-occupied Kashmir, there is one soldier for every nine people but only one ventilator for every 71,000 people, and one doctor for every 3,900 people” …

… and new demonstrations have broken out after Indian troops kill a “popular mathematics teacher” turned rebel leader:

“Boats full of Muslim minority Rohingya refugees are being pushed back by Malaysia, in part, the government says, over fears of the coronavirus virus”:

Immigration hardliner Ken Cuccinelli denies Iran’s claims that a deal is in the works for the release of Michael White in Iran and claims the U.S. has been trying to deport Sirous Asgari “for months”:

To maintain the sense of community and charity of the month of Ramadan during stay-at-home order, the Muslim community of Greater Rockford is offering daily hot meal for iftar regardless of faith:






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