News and Analysis (5/11/20)

Thinking like a state: Fined if you do (cover for religious reasons) and fined if you don’t (cover because the government orders it):

On the importance of highlighting “stories of Muslim contribution [to the fight against fascism] to break the far-right myth that Islam is foreign to the European countries and elsewhere”:

The dictator gives himself and security agencies even more powers on the pretext of preventing the spread of covid-19:

On a formal technicality, the ICC rejects Australia request made at Israel’s behest over a jurisdictional technicality, having ruled that on substance there is sufficient evidence of war crimes in the West Bank:

Walid Fitaihi modernized the Saudi medical system; now “he and seven members of his family, all U.S. citizens, are banned from leaving Saudi Arabia, and their Saudi assets are frozen”:

Dr. Abdul Pathan of Williamsburg Islamic Center delineates the Islamic universal guidelines during difficult times like the corona virus:

With the threat the coronavirus poses to prisoners’ lives, an Iranian spokesman hopes “the U.S. government will eventually prefer lives to politics,” but a US spokesman denies any offer has been made:

“Since 9/11 educators report that the topic of Islam has been difficult to teach [due in part to] their unfamiliarity with the Islamic faith and unfamiliarity with the legalities involved with teaching about religion”:






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