News and Analysis (12/12/12)

Allegations of Muslim Brotherhood vigilantism threaten to completely unravel the already chaotic situation in Egypt:

As the rebels get closer to their goal, America, Europe and the Arab states jockey for position, but can the rebels complete their push to victory without the well-funded and highly effective extremist allies the US has accused of killing civilians?

“Proponents of the law, including Chancellor Angela Merkel, noted that failure to protect circumcision would have risked making Germany the only country in the world to ban a practice that Jews and some Muslims consider an ancient and essential part of their religious traditions”:

“She said she believed IHAT was a “cover-up” and that she had resigned because she no longer wanted to be implicated in it”:

“The Rohingya issue, including the minority’s uncertain future, seems to be getting worse as Burma embarks on an otherwise promising agenda of reforms. The topic is extremely sensitive for the government, and in some ways, in Rakhine, it’s still the old Burma, a police state”:

According to a UN report, “cultural restraints, social norms and taboos, customary practices and religious beliefs, discrimination against women that leads to wider acceptance of violence against” women in Afghanistan, but after a 14-year-old was beheaded while fetching water, police spokesman Said Sarwar Husaini says this time it will be different:

“Iraqi Kurdistan has already staked out significant autonomy, providing its own public services, controlling airports and borders, and commanding police and army forces. The energy deal with Turkey would all but sever Kurdistan’s economic dependence on Baghdad, which is perhaps the primary tie that still binds the two sides”:

Asif Mandvi has chosen to do  a play that “breaks just about every taboo about the interface between East and West culture” because there are so few “roles for brown actors and especially Muslim American actors that sort of deal with the identity issue … in such a sophisticated, nuanced way as this play does”:

“Tolimir, 64, is the latest Serb soldier to be convicted of genocide in the bloody climax of Bosnia’s 1992-95 war that left around 100,000 dead” …

… but as revelations of recent Israeli terrorism continue to trickle out …

… Israel uses the pretext of an unexplained search of a militant leftist faction’s offices to ransack and seize equipment and records “of the Palestinian NGO Network; the Union of Palestinian Women’s Committees; and Addameer, a group offering legal aid to Palestinian prisoners”:

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