News and Analysis (5/19/20)

The virtual meeting joint statement of the four countries: they support the initiative of the UN Secretary-General of the ceasefire and call for a ceasefire throughout Afghanistan:

A week after he protested the “growing tide of Islamophobia in India, … his house was raided by the Delhi Police, which also seized the mobile phone from which he put out his social media posts”:

“India’s recent move to open up Jammu & Kashmir for settlement by outsiders is fuelling fears of another ‘Palestine in the making’ among its Muslim majority residents” …

… while another rebel leader’s death sparks more demonstrations:

“The arson attack killed 18-month-old Ali Dawabsheh. His mother, Riham, and father, Saad, later died of their wounds. Ali’s four-year-old brother Ahmad survived with burns on his body”:

Palestinians end agreements with Israel; will Jordan support them?

Muslims arrive at different conclusions on how to celebrate Eid as coronavirus begins to ebb:

UNRWA said it is confronted with greater need due to increase in number of registered Palestinian refugees:

“Iran denied involvement in the failed April 24 hacking” that Israel says justified its “major cyberattack on an Iranian port that caused transport chaos for days after crashing the facility’s computer system”:

US Navy draws a red line in the sea, at 100 meters:






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