News and Analysis (5/28/20)

“The appointment is just the latest in a series of Trump administration moves that are raising concerns it is undermining USAID’s ability to fulfill its mission”:

Raffia Arashad, who was appointed a Deputy District Judge on the Midlands Circuit last week cites the “Imposter Syndrome,” wondering if one is good enough, as “one of the things that holds women”:

A British-Bangladesh Muslim entrepreneur was invited to perform prayer call at the heart of London’s financial district to “show appreciation of Muslim community and engage with it”:

When the Muslim social worker donated blood to a Hindu woman undergoing a Cesarean operation, he conveyed the message of Islam’s love and compassion for all humanity:

What others call Covid precautions (“washing hands regularly, covering one’s face and keeping a respectful distance from others,”) one Muslim comic call “Sharia law”:

Gulf states showed admirable transparency in dealing with Covid-19; but are they willing to “embrace transparency when it comes to policies designed to spark economic recovery and govern structural reform”?

America’s Iran policies have unintended consequences:

India’s persecution of Muslims continues to grow:

“The PA is competing with better-resourced communities worldwide that are less constrained in their access to funds”:






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