News and Analysis (5/31/20)

European and US policymakers find Trump’s Iran policies counterproductive; keeping inside the Non-Proliferation Treaty would provide better safeguards on Iran’s nuclear program:

A vessel was displayed “at a ceremony to introduce over 100 new boats to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp’s Navy” suggests US sanctions may be backfiring:

As the killing of Soleimani escalates tension between US and Iran in Iraq, frequency of raids on Isis went down and ISIS activities went up:

Appointing a man who has called Islam a “babaric cult” and endorsed “the Chinese government’s crackdown on their Uighur Muslim minority” to a post involving defense of religious freedom abroad defies comprehension …

… while the employment of brutal Israeli tactics by American police gives Russia and Iran an opening to charge the U.S. with hypocrisy:

The plan of Ahmadiyya community in Canada to build a cemetery to accommodate for its growing community receives some opposition over agricultural land concerns:

When Mohammed Khaja who died of cardiac arrest was denied burial by six grave yards over COVID-19 concern, his body was laid to rest in Hindu cemetery:

India doubles down on its discrimination of the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir:






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