News and Analysis (12/14/12)

Responding to an e-mail warning of Islamic indoctrination in the Dallas-area public school, “a former social studies teacher described …  as a ‘very socially and fiscally conservative’ woman who ‘watches Glenn Beck on a regular basis’ — found quite the opposite”:

A libertarian pioneer in the Tea Party movement, convert to Islam Will Coley was determined to stop the neoconservative takeover of the movement; “We use principles within sharia like maqasid (primary goals) to show their connection with John Locke’s principles of life, liberty and property”:

Continuing protests in Egypt simmer at the edge of violence on the eve of the referendum; is the source of the problem the Muslim Brotherhood, power-grabbing elitists, or romantic music broadcast before midmight?

“In his lawsuit, Naeem says he was written a citation by a Whelan Security guard in June 2011 for wearing “foreign country religious dress.” Other times he had his taxi license suspended or was told he would be arrested for trespassing if he worked in his religious clothing”:

“As a leader of a majority-Muslim nation, I believe Islamic countries must better understand what young people aspire to. This means comprehending two great changes affecting their lives … — demography and technology… In an age of self-determination, they crave freedom of opportunity”–Najib Razak is prime minister of Malaysia:

The founder of  “Adl wal Ihsan (Justice and Spirituality) … accused the monarchy of being corrupt and dictatorial and questioned its claim to religious legitimacy. His spent a decade under house arrest”  and with an estimated 100,000 followers “an important part of February 20 … pro-democracy movement”:

“In return for the rally in Nablus, Hamas has pledged to let Fatah hold an anniversary celebration in the Gaza Strip on January 1” …

… “But an official in the Nablus governorate, who asked to remain anonymous because he wasn’t authorized to discuss politics, says that the PA’s tolerance of the rallies is not an indication of a genuine interest in reconciliation, but merely an acknowledgement of the growing public support for the group”:

“The U.N. nuclear agency expects to reach a deal with Iran next month enabling it to resume a stalled probe into suspected nuclear weapon research in the Islamic state, the chief U.N. inspector said after returning from Tehran on Friday”:

Some accuse Qatar of promoting terrorism and others call it an agent of Western imperialism; David Johnston presents a more nuanced view of the conservative Gulf state that, together with Egypt and Turkey, forms “a Sunni triangle” whose influence was demonstrated by their role in the recent Israeli-Hamas cease-fire:






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