News and Analysis (6/6/20)

Although US denied on Tuesday any prisoner swap with Iran, the release of White, a US Navy veteran, came “a day after an Iranian scientist held by the American authorities was returned to Iran”:

After a Muslim group endorsed Biden, a Muslim grad student in Islamic studies warns that Biden’s record on “surveillance under a state of exception … ought to be interrogated … amid the COVID-19 pandemic”:

The Trump administration requires “that no one would have to leave their home. The result has been a map that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas quipped is ‘like Swiss cheese’”:

Community leaders complain that current limits deny “loved ones of the immediate family of a deceased individual … this opportunity to pray for their deceased, pay their respects and to have some form of closure”:

The Director-General of Jammu and Kashmir Police believes he has the right to set limits on questioning by elected officials:

The Muslim entrepreneur and CEO of EVOLVE solution is the first Muslim women to be appointed to the Pennsylvania Commissioner:

“Libya’s internationally recognised government regained control of Tripoli on Thursday, driving eastern forces out of the capital after a 14-month battle in which foreign powers poured in arms and fighters”:

Italy’s liberals and leftists condemn the fascists and feminists who find common cause in mocking and maligning the freed humanitarian hostage who converted to Islam:

Iran is developing a “militarized cyber-infrastructure” not yet “as sophisticated as Israel’s … fueled by Tehran’s perception of the cyberthreat and an unremitting thirst for technological equality”:






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