News and Analysis (6/10/20)

The International Refugee Assistance Project plans to appeal, their attorney saying that the District Court’s three judge “panel definitely got the legal issues wrong” :

Only JCPOA participants may call for a snap back of UN sanctions, and after Trump’s withdrawal, the U.S. is no longer a participant:

“At the time of the killing, fathers were exempt from capital punishment for so-called honor killings.” This girl “told officials her life was at risk, but was allowed to remain in her father’s house”

After online chat of discrimination went viral, the Hospital owner said, “Our hospital has never discriminated against Muslim patients. These off-the-cuff remarks are being exaggerated”:

The region called al-Andalus in Arabic “prospered under Muslim rule. But that legacy has been largely forgotten in the predominantly Catholic country”:

In India, Muslims’ lives don’t matter; there are no television programs and no shows revealing the daily struggle of Muslims; discrimination is institutional and state supported:

Al-Qarawiyyin was founded in 859 in Morocco by Fatima al-Fihri in as an educational and spiritual institution; becaming the first-degree-awarding educational institution according to UNESCO and Guinness World Record:

Trump offers no time frame for signing Marco Rubio’s bipartisan bill to sanction China for the repression of Muslim in China’s Xinjian province :

Palestinians have declared statehood so many times that we’ve lost count:






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