News and Analysis (6/13/20)

Since 9/11 thousands of US law enforcement officers “including agents from the FBI, CIA, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – have been schooled” in Israeli tactics under far-right Israeli lobby sponsorship …

… but Israeli brutality against Palestinians is rarely brought to justice:

Pompeo’s move “to unilaterally force the imposition of UN sanctions against Iran. not only creates many risks in terms of escalating the crisis with Iran, but it [marks] an unprecedented assault on the UN Security Council” …

… meanwhile, an Iran sanctions case judge demands “a list of exculpatory material the government withheld before, during and after the trial and [the identities of the responsible] members of the government team”:

Muslim religious and political leaders show solidarity with African-American and to emphasize Islam’s rejection of all form of injustice and inequality at a demonstration in New Jersey on July 13:

Residents continue “taking to the streets to oppose the demolition of 18-century burial ground for homeless shelter”:

Ordinary people, the Indian high court, and even a U.S. Senator are becoming impatient with India’s squeeze on Kashmir

“All of those flogged are people who have been arrested for peaceful activities or exercising their rights to freedom of speech”:

A Palestinian real state mogul recalls 1948 eviction from the family home in Palestine by Zionist immigrants:

The self-described Islamophobe and critic of Black Lives Matter “denied being racist or bigoted in his views, and said his comments were taken out of context” yet he “declined an invitation to provide context”:

Under financial stress and absent “imposing figures such as Soleimani and al-Muhandis to unify disparate factions, divisions have emerged in the Popular Mobilisation Forces … umbrella group of mainly Shia fighters”:






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