News and Analysis (6/16/20)

As the July 1st, a date set for annexation, approaches, Netanyahu is facing growing resistance from Israeli lawmakers, activists, and religious groups concerned about Palestinians’ right and global approval and alliance …

… meanwhile, Israeli violation of the International law leaves Palestinians with few nonviolent options to save the two-states solution:

“Iran has denied us access to two locations and that, for almost a year, it has not engaged in substantive discussions to clarify our questions related to possible undeclared nuclear material and nuclear-related activities” …

… but as the UN prepares a report on Iran missiles intending to support extending the arms embargo, some European countries, Russia, and China want to keep 2015 nuclear deal alive:

Manila Philippine Congressman warns government of unrestricted police power after illegal use of power against Muslims traders:

Formichi argues “for Asia’s central role in the development of global Islam as a religious, social and political reality – challenging the assumed dominant role of the Middle East in that development”:

Iran admitted within days “that its forces accidentally shot down the Kiev-bound jetliner” but says that that the Covid pandemic has delayed the handover of the black boxes:

Contra Ted Cruz, “the law does not provide the authority to ‘regulate or prohibit, directly or indirectly’ ‘any postal, telegraphic, telephonic, or other personal communication,’ so long as there is no exchange of value”:

Deletion of the “‘other religions’ … from national identity card application [prevents Baha’is] from … obtaining official identification, as they cannot claim affiliation to one of the three legally recognised minority religions”:

After flawed data caused Aligarh Muslim University ranking to slip from 18 to 31, the university requests a quick error since ranking impacts students career:






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