News and Analysis (6/19/20)

While other Muslim-American’s issue statements demanding justice for George Floyd, Keith Ellison does something about it:

“Erdogan … learned by experience that getting the United States on board by making Trump his personal friend is easier than any other way” — veteran Turkish journalist Cengiz Candar:

“The U.S. Department of Justice announced Friday that it has a lawsuit against Stafford County challenging “overly restrictive zoning regulations” that blocked the creation of a Muslim cemetery”:

The U.N. declares, “The annexation of occupied territory is a serious violation of the Charter of the United Nations and the Geneva Conventions” …

… and retired Israeli military Commander Shaul Ariel estimates that “Palestinians would lose up to 70,000 acres of private land” including farms and grazing land:

A dissenting justice denies that the 1986 Act intended “to deprive divorced Muslim women … litigant friendly procedures of the family courts Act and denude it of jurisdiction to decide applications for maintenance”:

Some observers are reported to think the U.S. may be backing away from a military confrontation after the launch of Noor satellite that improved Iran’s capability to track and monitor oil tankers in its surroundings:

The minister’s rejection of “joint committee of Hindu and Muslim leaders of the area to further probe these incidents” gives credence to charges that reports aim “to defame a particular community and an area” …

… “[i]n accepting a distorted and manipulated version of events that took place during the bloodiest days New Delhi has seen in decades, the Modi government is essentially normalising ethnic violence”:

To reinforce its opposition to US sanctions on Iran, and show that Istanbul is not obliged to implement them, Turkey’s Foreign Minister on Monday announced August 1 to reopen borders with Iran:

US Representative for Iran Brian Hook says he hopes for talks with Iran over prisoners and other issues, but Tehran demands US return to the nuclear deal before in-person meetings …

… while Iran protests IAEA demands to open sites for inspection “where activities are believed to have taken place earlier this century, before Iran agreed to the 2015 nuclear pact with global powers”:






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