News and Analysis (12/17/12)

With Syria’s VP acknowledging Assad may have to go, the regime warns against letting chemical weapons fall into extremist hands and an NGO finds Jabhat al-Nusra helpful in relief efforts despite the the trepidation with which other Syrians view the hardline Islamist organization and the “terrorist” label with which the US has branded it:

Laws against material aid to terrorists will not be enforced against powerful white non-Muslim international bankers:

ACLU to American Zionism’s would-be campus censors: “Speech that criticizes the State of Israel and its policies and actions, or even questions its right to exist as a Jewish State in the region, cannot constitute the basis for government restriction or regulation”:

Letting the market decide, “the owner of a shopping centre in Malawi’s northern city of Mzuzu. He doesn’t cut prices during Islamic celebrations because, he says, Muslims don’t buy new clothes on their major holidays as do Christians”:

“Iran and the six powers – the United States, Russia, France, China, Britain and Germany – have expressed readiness to revive efforts to find a negotiated solution” but ending the stalemate will require the West to stop denying Iran its right to a peaceful program and Iran to stop denying UN inspectors access they need to do their job:

“The accused include prominent members of the Muslim community and activists.  They were charged under Ethiopia’s anti-terrorism proclamation that … has been widely criticized by international human-rights organizations that say that it is used to silence dissident voices”:

The first round of voting, mainly urban, giving a modest margin in favor of the new Egyptian Constitution (and for the Muslim Brotherhood), does not sit well with the opposition, but next Saturday’s polling in the rural areas is expected to be more lopsided:

The Muslim Brotherhod in Egypt “is still unable to restructure itself as a normal political party instead of a semi-clandestine movement with vexing and multi-faceted agenda. The bewildering behavior of the MB reflects the complexity of its internal structure and dynamics”:

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