News and Analysis (12/21/12)

As injuries mount despite police attempts to separate counter-demonstrating parties in Alexandria, opponents of the draft constitution, outnumbered both at the polls and in the streets, come to their senses and now pledge “to fight on to amend it during elections expected next year”:

The peace movement is not happy with the proposed nomination of Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense, but the Washington Post’s opposition has convinced some that he may be better than the alternatives …

… but for the neocons, the case against Hagel is absurdly clear-cut, and Hagel must be an anti-Semite because he won’t put Israel ahead of American interests …

… as the administration did when–knowing full well that Israeli’s settlements are immoral, illegal, and counter-productive–the US once again sacrificed justice, rule of law, and its own national interests to the greed of its rapacious client state:

Why did the Israelis start a war with Hamas when it “costs $90K per Iron Dome missile to fire at a $200-$500 Qassam rocket[?]” Because American taxpayers footed the bill, spending “$10B for Israel’s anti-missile programs since the 1990s” including “$205M for Israel’s Iron Dome” funding which “the House approved … by a 410–4 vote” at Obama’s request:

The fighting that emptied the Palestinian refugee camp at Yarmouk had led to speculation that it could “be used by the rebels to destroy the airport and to launch their ‘final assault’ into the center of Damascus”, but with the letup in the fighting, Palestinian leaders, divided over the Syrian civil war, “are negotiating the rebels’ exit”:

The accusations of Scud missile firings provide the excuse for NATO’s “placement of an American, Dutch, and German Patriot antimissile system along the border of NATO member Turkey. The deployment of the battery requires troops to operate the missiles, as well – the US is sending 400 to the area”:

Calling for a vote of no-confidence in parliament, al-Issawi blames the arrest of “about 150 of his bodyguards and staff members” on the PM, but “Mr Maliki insisted that he did not order the arrests, suggesting that they were the result of an investigation undertaken by the judiciary”:

Although his “image is still marred by the bloody Gujarat riots, … for a growing number of the more than 60 million people living in Gujarat, Modi’s record during his decade as chief minster has created a number of believers in his vision” of “development and good governance” including the estimated 25% of Muslims voters who cast ballots for the BJP:

“Contrary to popular perception, Christian NGOs receive maximum foreign funding,” outpacing foreign Muslim funding by more than a factor of thirty:

“Muslim group languishes in makeshift homes with no work, no schools and no citizenship rights from Burmese government…. Abu Tahay, of the Rohingya political group National Democratic Party for Development, says the authorities have acted without warrants and Rohingya detainees have been held without bail or access to lawyers”:






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