News and Analysis (7/26/20)

“‘They all want to kill us’; that’s something you hear in Israel. But as an officer in the Jenin district, I met loads of Palestinians daily. I realized that just isn’t true”:

Muqtedar Khan calls a widely followed Muslim’s claims that Islamic law prohibits non-Muslims from expanding or renovating their religious buildings is an invitation to Muslim vandalism:

Germany is supposed to provide one pastor per 1,500 soldiers, but while the army’s estimated 300 Jews have some pastoral care the 3,000 plus Muslims have none:

“Israel’s Supreme Court accepts argument made by Israeli authorities that Palestinians held in prison are no different than family members or flatmates living in same home”:

Indians debate whether the warming relations between Pakistan and Bangladesh threaten the crackdown on Jammu & Kashmir …

… where with the shutdown of Internet and cell phone service the people have relied on television to learn of the arrests of their political leaders:

“Allowing foreign firms to be the majority shareholders of their joint ventures … [with Iran addressed] the long-running issue of inefficiency and poor productivity among the state-owned automakers”:

An online report indicates that “China would invest up to $400 billion over 25 years in Iran’s banking, telecommunications, ports and railway sectors, … and deepen military cooperation”:

Iranians are not generally big fans of Donald Trump or MbS. Ahmadinejad seems to be the exception:

“[E]ven though we have a clear interest in ousting Netanyahu, our enthusiasm and hope for what might happen next is very low — and we are indifferent to the identity of whoever will lead the next government”:

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