News and Analysis (7/28/20)

Hajj pilgrims honor the sacrifice of Abraham, and “the Maryland Hajj ended with rented sheep ambling in small petting enclosures and a station where Eldadah said families donated a total of $2,000 to Americans in need”:

“President Erdogan is helping China repatriate Muslim dissidents by sending them to third countries before they return”:

Israel cut off the British charity’s aid to the most deprived Palestinians by using refusal to discriminate against children of militants to pretend that Islamic Relief is a “terrorist organization”:

Never shy about taking credit for its military operations, “Hezbollah denied its fighters had engaged in any attack along the border,” but scandal-ridden Netanyahu needs a war:

Ayesha and Reza got engaged to be married in January, 2017. Then Donald Trump came between them:

As Israel increasingly sidesteps the PA as its enforcement arm, some Israeli conservatives fear it is accelerating an “advance towards … establishment of one Israeli-Palestinian state with equal citizenship for all inhabitants”:

The “NGO Foundation for Media Professionals” alleges contempt of court as government-mandated “slow internet speed makes telemedicine, or online consultation, impossible” during the Covid crisis …

… while “Indian Army, Border Security Forces, paramilitary forces and similar organisations” no longer need a a “no objection certificate” to from Jammu and Kashmir’s home department to acquire or requisition land”:

The Pakistan Press Foundation sounds the alarm over moves to crush freedom of the press and of expression in multiple attacks on journalists, new media, and even textbooks:

The facility “is said to be riddled with coronavirus cases, according to rights activists, raising further concerns about her deteriorating health”:

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