News and Analysis (7/30/20)

Will Trump continue to pushing “a candidate whose public statements have evinced intolerance to Islam at a time when the military and the rest of the country is reckoning with America’s painful legacy of discrimination”:

Thanks to Erdogan’s backfiring forced religious education campaign students are “increasingly likely to describe themselves as atheists, deists or feminists, and challenge the interpretation of Islam being taught at school”:

While the BJP claimed that the new law was part of its efforts to secure jobs in Kashmir, it actually acts against the interests of unemployed youth in Kashmir”:

As Indonesia rises as a soft power in the international Muslim movement, the Saudis and UAE play a complex game that challenges MbS attempt to project himself as the champion of moderation and progress:

Families of the victims say compensation is not Justice. “We need closure to know what exactly happened on that night. Justice is discovering all the truth and prosecuting all those responsible for this heinous crime”:

China does not want to repeat America’s disastrous Middle East adventurism, but rather to develop “commercial relationships that are not backed by conventional military force;” but the Iranian public is skeptical:

The Chinese government continues to claim that the concentration “camps are merely vocational and training centers….” Arbeit macht frie?

“Independent watchers … say the … government’s brutal policies … have … only decimated the pro-India constituency in the politically sensitive Valley, and, … provoked the rise of a young generation with a die-hard attitude”:

The victim claimed to be the Prophet. “It was not immediately clear how the assailant, identified as Khalid Khan, managed to get into the court amid tight security”:

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