News and Analysis (8/1/20)

Convention delegates are frustrated by both the Democratic Party’s refusal to acknowledge Israel’s brutal occupation and “by a drafting and voting process that was anything but open, inclusive and democratic”:

The Australian native “converted to Islam as a teenager. He ‘fell in love with America’s history, its principles, and particularly its commitment to freedom’”:

Both the U.S. and Iran “want to see a withdrawal of NATO forces; … to stymie the Afghan heroin trade; … to protect against terror groups …; and an inclusive government in Kabul that is not monopolized by the Taliban”:

  • Jammu and Kashmir authorities detain journalist and editor Qazi Shibli (Committee to Protect Journallists)

… meanwhile doctors who must treat locked-down “residents of the Valley online.” find it “no easy task in Kashmir, which has had no 4G internet for close to a year and where broadband connections are thin on the ground” …

… but Kashmiri Muslims fighting the scourge of intoxicants can learn from the Muslim barber who “raised enough awareness among the people and they wouldn’t let their daughters be used for prostitution any more”:

“The people who really need a mosque are the estimated 500,000 Muslims in Athens and the Attica region”:

In a nation where cremation is the norm, worries “about the hygiene of burials” are presented as an objection to cemeteries:

The monarchist group leader was arrested “for alleged involvement in a 2008 mosque attack in Shiraz that killed 14 people and injured more than 200”:

[T]he Islamic regime, which was established on promises of ‘social justice’, is still struggling to convince Iranians that it has remained true to the ideals of the revolution”:

The “RSS driven exclusionary ideology of Hindutva, which has no space for minorities, especially Muslims. Second, is a radical departure from the pluralistic and democratic polity … [of] India’s founding fathers”:

Ukraine describes first round talks as “constructive”, but reports that it is “too early to say how much compensation Tehran would agree to pay”:






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