News and Analysis (8/8/20)

“[J]ournalist Ola Salem wrote the tactics used in the Aljabri case appear to be a ‘recurring tactic’ used by Arab regimes against growing numbers of dissidents abroad”:

The Qur’an orders believers to fulfill their contracts; so why is wealthy Kuwait years behind in paying its debts to hospitals needing resources in the face of the Covid crisis?

The National Conservatory of Music’s director charges Israel with faking links of his organization to terrorists because they don’t know how to deal with the “threat” of Palestinians seen as  human:

“In reaction to the … [US] fighter jets and in order to save the civil aircraft and passengers’ lives, the airliner had to change altitude abruptly, causing injuries to the passengers on board”:

“What Seth Rogen said is par for the course among our generation and the Israeli government has to wake up and see that their actions have consequences”:

Ahmadinejad tried and failed to move Iran closer to China and Russia; now Trump is succeeding, and he’s not even trying …

,,, and “Macron has told … Trump that U.S. sanctions that have targeted Iran-backed Shi’ite group Hezbollah are playing into the hands of those they are meant to weaken, including Iran”:

The popular imam was assaulted three years after the mosque was bombed. “Bloomington city council member Patrick Martin has condemned this ‘act of hate and violence’”:

“When I refused to chant [‘Long live Modi’], they pulled my beard, punched my tooth out, and even asked me to go to Pakistan”:

A Technical College is embarrassed when its manager of media relations posted “get rid of the anti-American filth causing cancer to our nation,” on a post about Rep. Ilhan Omar:







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