News and Analysis (8/15/20)

“Washington got support only from the Dominican Republic for its resolution to indefinitely extend the embargo, leaving it far short of the minimum nine ‘yes’ votes required for adoption” …

… which suits the Trump administration’s plans for unlilateral sanctions and, if Pompeo has his way, for war with Iran:

The claim that the Palestinians somehow benefit from the suspension of formal annexation is a fraud because Israel continues its oppression and theft without the embarrassment of de jure admission of guilt:

The head of Jerusalem’s “hospital of the poor” is concerned over its possible closure because under Israeli occupation, “No Palestinian institution in Jerusalem that is shut down is reopened again”:

India claims men it gunned down armed militants; their families say they were laborers looking for work”; HRW demands an independent investigation and repeal of the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act:

Police sources admitted off the record that students were being summoned as part of a ‘verification process’ … over  “concerns that the students may … indulge in activities considered anti-national”:

That India’s “Islamic rulers patronised coexistence through both literary and administrative means” is little appreciated:






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