News and Analysis (8/17/20)

“The U.S. claimed it seized Iranian petrol, but even though the cargo was sent from Iran, neither the ships nor the petrol were Iranian” — Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh:

“[I]t was primarily due to the endeavours of … active Muslim women in the mosques that left behind the great legacy of Awqaf [endowments], a tradition which survives even today”:

The report “alleges that Facebook’s top public-policy executive in India, Ankhi Das, refused to apply company anti-hate speech rules to BJP politicians and other “Hindu nationalist individuals and groups”:

Salman Rushdie will not allow facts (e,g,, Iraq invaded Iran, Indonesia has long been a democracy) to challenge his view that the Muslims must adopt a laïcité that even American Christians won’t swallow:

She responds to the taunt, ‘This is a man’s game” with “it’s a man’s game and a woman’s game. You just missed the goal and you are having a mare so focus on yourself.” Later, “they usually apologize”:

“[H]igh-speed Internet will be provided to post-paid subscribers while pre-paid customers would be able to enjoy the benefit of the services only after completing [a] verification process”:

The UAE persists with the pretense that that its U.S.-brokered treaty with Israel helps the Palestinians and poses no threat to Iran:

“Analysts say Saudi Arabia does not want risk its business interests in India for supporting Pakistan over Kashmir”:

People differ as to where Islam and Germany fall on some rational/spiritual binary; two academics try to sort out where various Muslim figures on both the left and right fall, and why :






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