News and Analysis (8/19/20)

With Sudan as well as Saudi Arabia lined up to follow in the UAE’s footsteps, Palestinians and Muslim nations outside the Arab world know betrayal when they see it:

At least two businesses in the UAE have received an unpleasant surprise in the wake of their government’s appeasement of Israel’s American protectors:

Pompeo has “every expectation that every country in the world …, including every member of the P5, and every member of the UN,” will do whatever the U.S. tells them too, however reckless or insane:

What exactly did Pompeo say to Russia about bounties offered to the Taliban to attack Americans? He appears to be trying to shift blame onto Iran:

Criminalizing the already illegal “triple talaq” was more about pulling down Muslim men than saving Muslim women and the Delhi riots investigation is about depicting Muslim women as morons:

A government official says the “the government to order the withdrawal of 10,000 troops from the union territory … [is] message [to] people that the government was willing to address their concerns”:

To understand why Iranians don’t trust the U.S. government, “start with Coup 53, an exhilarating new historical documentary that unfolds with the pace and complexity of a thriller”:

Israel denies that it arrested Mahmoud Nawaja for his BDS activism but a military court released him “after 19 days of illegal detention”  with neither charges nor an apology:






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