News and Analysis (8/23/20)

“Palestinians … are forced to build without permit because getting one is almost impossible from a racist municipality that is ready to build thousands of housing units for Jews and not a single house for” them:

“[T]he social-media giant’s internal group for Muslim employees … said Facebook needed to make its policy-enforcement process for high-profile users more transparent and less susceptible to political influence”:

The stealth by which Article 370 was abrogated exposes the lie that the intention  was to promote democratic constitutionalism and federalism:

The UAE and Israel have incompatible interpretations as to what they agreed to regarding annexation of “portions of occupied Palestinian land on which unlawful Israeli settlements are currently situated” …

… a reflection that “the true reason for the deal had nothing to do with Palestinians and everything to do with Iran”:

“[D]espite its towering influence and centrality to the rise of our modern world, the Ottoman Empire’s history has for centuries been distorted, misrepresented, and even suppressed in the West”:

Illegal Bitcoin mining can’t be the only misallocation caused by Iran’s subsidization of power consumption:

Reporters taken on “heavily supervised” Chinese propaganda tours differ as to whether they are seeing reeducation centers or concentration camps:






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