News and Analysis (8/29/20)

“If [madrassas] have proliferated across India, it is testimony to the abject failure of the Indian state and its parts in the task of universalising free public primary education”:

Fanatical Swedish Islamophobes kick and burn Qur’ans on the Muslim day of communal prayers and then riot after the banned leader of a Danish anti-immigration party who had himself burned a Qur’an wrapped in bacon is refused entry:

“[G]overnment forces fired shotgun pellets and tear gas to disperse hundreds of Shia Muslims participating in a religious procession in Indian-controlled Kashmir”:

As if in a scene form a Kashmiri version of “Fahrenheit 451,” booklovers “used to hide all the literature on Kashmir – particularly the books on politics and religion – in a small trunk that was later buried and dug out every now and then”:

A blue plaque will be installed at the London home of Noor Inayat Khan, the subject of the film “Enemy of the Reich” celebrating ‘Britain’s first Muslim war heroine in Europe’”:

“There are no laws banning women in music but religious decisions issued under Iran’s Islamic rulers … have been used arbitrarily, said Hadi Ghaemi, executive director of the Center for Human Rights in Iran”:

Iran’s Islamic revolution was incomplete, never having eliminated the Shah’s practice of banning release political prisoners “to certain impoverished and remote areas” away from their homes:

The light sentence for the father who murdered his 14-year old daughter (an adult woman under Islamic law) after she “ran off with a man aged 28″ is fodder for those fault the system as subjecting to male discipline for non-conforming to patriarchal social roles”:

“New Delhi claims that Kashmir used its semi-autonomous status to discriminate against sexual and gender minorities, but its own moves are doing more harm than good”:






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