News and Analysis (9/1/20)

“The artist … is set to be prosecuted by the State Security Court on charges of “offending an Arab country”. Many have speculated the Arab country in question is the UAE, after Hajjaj made satirical drawings of the normalisation agreement”:

An astrophysicist, an author and two musicians are among the latest victims of Israel’s war on Palestinian culture:

A “common  sense precaution [from] the top court” disallowing “Muharram processions anywhere in the country on the ground that this may lead to the blaming of a particular community” has been enforced by the authorities “with brutal energy”:

“Both Israel and the UAE have wanted normalization for a long time. … No serious Israeli opposition exists. Public opposition in the UAE, if it exists, is sufficiently suppressed as to appear non-existent. And Palestinian opposition is irrelevant”:

Biden’s foreign policy pledges “aren’t just platitudes.. They signal a reversion to the post‐​Cold War view that America can and should be everywhere and solve every problem”:

“If by the bridge, you mean that we will allow them to bring their voices and propagate it [in  Srinagar], that is not a bridge. If by the bridge you mean that you will allow us to take the voices of J&K and Ladakh and propagate it [in New Delhi], it is fine”:

Roohi Sultana sits on the floor with her students using “the play-way method. The kids really get involved in this process of learning. I am merely a facilitator, but it fills my heart with joy to see their creativity take shape through the teaching”:

As Iran cooperates with the IAEA, “Britain, France, Germany, China, Russia are attempting to save the 2015 accord, leaving the US isolated”:

A break in the clouds?






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