News and Analysis (9/3/20)

Facebook took down political posts critical of the BJP but not hate speech against Muslims. One post “dubbed Muslims in India a ‘degenerate community’” and many of the dozens of Muslims’ lynchings were “triggered by fake news … on WhatsApp”:

“Is it so hard to understand that journalists, in the normal course of their work, must make contact with the people they write about?”:

An opposition leader accuses the BJP government of “lying about normalcy in Kashmir. If that is the case (that there is normalcy), then why were senior leaders of a political party placed under house arrest and not allowed to meet?”:

India has denied statehood to Kashmir to give the “central government a direct control over the region” to reclaim it form Islam because it imagines “the seven centuries of Muslim history are an aberration and it is time the region returned to its civilisational mothership”:

“Youssef, “up for two Emmys for the second season of his comedy series, Ramy, about a practicing Muslim who’s torn between his faith and his desire to fit in,” talks about how his Egyptian immigrant father managed a Trump hotel:

Amnesty International knows of more than a dozen persons who “have received flogging sentences, in addition to prison terms, … at least two [of whom] have had their flogging sentences implemented” and “is aware of three ongoing cases of enforced disappearance”:

“[A]uthoritarian regimes … tend to explain human rights violations by citing ‘national security’ needs” , … [so] this statement is not particularly helpful in determining the scope of actions prohibited … [with] respect for the sovereignty of another State in cyberspace”:

As Western global hegemony delineates “what is progressive and what is not; we run the risk of stereotyping our own ways of life. … Ideas of progress, liberation and freedom are being redefined by [M]uslim[s] worldover and Kashmiri women occupy the frontlines”:

The head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, says that those who “insult Prophet Muhammad, who teaches goodness, justice and freedom, ” expose their lack of morality and honor, but that “Muslims will not respond to such ignorance with ignorance”:







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