News and Analysis (9/7/20)

Muslim minorities in Montenegro … felt threatened” and Muslims in neighboring states feared “another genocide” when the then incumbent, now defeated, Democratic Party of Socialists “inflamed ethnic tensions to take attention away from corruption scandals”:

“Dr Kafeel Khan was released on Tuesday after spending seven months in jail for criticising anti-Muslim citizenship law.” He accused his captors of “physical torture”:

An inconsistently applied concern for aesthetics is the government’s transparent excuse to deprive Athwajan miners their livelihood:

The “rallying cry of violent Hindutva action and has preceded several lynchings” on the 40-minute long recording of the transmission from the victim’s phone clearly points to murder, yet “the police has only registered a robbery case”:

“The Israeli government is opposing a petition in the country’s Supreme Court by 40 citizens which says officers responsible for severe rights violations must not be given training by the Israeli Police”:

“Conflating Jewish people with the state of Israel as if we are one in the same is itself anti-Semitic” — Stephanie Fox, executive director for Jewish Voice for Peace:

The House-passed “version of the Defense Spending Bill … repeals the 2002 Iraq Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF), which the administration has already used to justify the killing of an Iranian general”:

India and Iran share concerns over “the prospect of the Taliban regaining their dominant position in Afghanistan and what that would mean for regional security … [a]s the US pushes the intra-Afghan dialogue in Qatar between the  Taliban and the Afghani government”:

“Supreme Court lawyer Fuzail Ahmad Ayyubi … was surprised to see ‘Tablighi members are prosecuted for provisions regarding the “spread” of a life-threatening disease when most of them never tested positive for COVID-19′”:






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