News and Analysis (9/10/20)

Only one of the public officials asked to dissociate themselves from the hate group have done so:

Should government dictate the language of a people?

As women have taken their case to social media,” police have announced they have taken action against at least one suspect. Many women hope this will be just the beginning of a broader movement against sexual violence”:

“The … price of government patronage is high for ulema (religious scholars) in the Middle East. Generally speaking, they have to openly support or maintain silence about autocracy at home, while speaking of democracy, pluralism, and minority rights to Western audiences”:

A legislator says “that the military should take control of all internet activities in Iran — ‘for the protection of citizens, like all over the world.’ Anonymity on the internet would be a thing of the past as the military would determine users’ identities and monitor them”:

“COVID-19 restrictions have contributed to Palestinians being unable to travel outside Gaza for medical treatment”:

“The head of the country’s aviation authority said restitution talks would begin on October 18 … [and] told IRNA news agency that Iran is open to paying “full compensation for what it has done”:

“There was no mention of a military partnership in the reported draft agreement, … and speculation that Iran could lease strategic Gulf islands to China was spread by former-president … Ahmadinejad and … parliament [members ]suspicious of Beijing’s intentions”:

“Tehran’s continuous efforts to market the regime to its own citizens command disproportionately little attention beyond cursory media coverage of the routine passion plays that pass for pro-regime rallies” until now:






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