News and Analysis (12/28/12)

The government is blocking Wilson’s attorneys attempt to get the charges dismissed on the grounds that “they are based off of testimonies provided to undercover informants and contain no proof that Wilson intended on committing an act of terror” by alleging that unsealing “their alleged evidence” against him ” would endanger national security”:

The  Samajwadi Party (SP) government in Uttar Pradesh delayed its election promise to release youths imprisoned on false terrorism charges until after the Nimish Commission inquiry, but two months after the commission reportedly cleared the youths, the SP continues to stall:

“Initially, German forces said no civilians had been killed but it transpired that the tankers had been abandoned by the militants. It soon became clear that a large number of civilians had died and the attack created a political scandal in Germany in the weeks before national elections”:

According to the suit, “a passenger yelled at her and the driver refused to move until she got off,” on the first occasion and the “next month, she claims, a passenger hit her in the face after another lectured her, and police forced her to get off the bus”:

“Ahmad, my late father’s carer when he had Alzheimer’s, arrives looking like a bearded, smiling Santa bearing gifts. When people say to him ”You do this but you are a Muslim?” he replies ”I do this because I am a Muslim’:

With Egypt’s new constitution signed into law,  the opposition comes under threat of prosecution by Mursi’s appointed public prosecutor, and MB opponents accuse “a 69-year-old Islamist veterinarian” of being the secret ruler of Egyot:

“The 2012 election was a victory for Muslim Americans in the sense that 85 percent of Muslims voted for the winner, President Barack Obama. However, this election also revealed … Muslim Americans haven’t reached the point where they can advocate for policies that benefit themselves”:

With the UN pressing for and rebels resisting a diplomatic solution to the Syrian crisis, a highly fractured but functioning civil society is spontaneously rising in the liberated areas, but the spillover into neighboring states threatens the stability of the region:

Will the economics of halal meat be the driver of the Sino-Muslim axis predicted by Samuel Huntington?






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