News and Analysis (9/12/20)

There are still some “progressives” who deny the Israel’s apartheid and settler colonialism, but after decades of persistent oppression of the indigenous people of Palestine, that’s become a harder row to hoe:

Bahrain, where a Sunni monarchy rules over a Shia majority, joins the UAE in abandoning the demand that Israel conform to international law in its treatment of the Palestinians before normalization in order to advance a coalition with Israel against Iranian regional influence:

“To win the support of the pro-Israeli constituencies … Joe Biden, and his running mate, Kamala Harris, have deviated even further from the low standards set by the Democratic Obama administration”:

The Taliban want “an ‘inclusive Islamic system,’ and the release of at least 8,000 more Taliban prisoners,” while the U.S.-backed government calls for a ‘humanitarian cease-fire’”:

“[T]he E3 feel frustrated the US has not yet shown a willingness to negotiate a compromise on the ban’s extent”:

“Akbar Tabari received the jail term after being convicted of ‘setting up and heading a bribery network’”:

His defenders say, and the courts deny, that the executed man claimed his confession was extracted by torture; his “attorney accused authorities of denying his client a family visit before the execution, as required by law”:

[R]esearch and waves of protests and crackdowns indicated massive disappointment among Iranians with their political system. This steadily turned into a deeply felt disillusionment with institutional religion”:






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