News and Analysis (9/18/20)

That Jacob Blake’s father recited a Muslim prayer after the “police gunned down his son in Kenosha” evokes “just how deeply embedded Islam is within the Black community”:

If Pompeo “intends to enforce the non-existent U.N. sanctions at midnight GMT on September 20′ … [that[ would entail U.S. warships attacking and confiscating Iranian cargo ships in international waters — as well as non-Iranian vessels suspected of carrying Iranian goods”:

“If we put the two texts of the normalisation announcement and the deal of the century together, it’s not hard to understand what they mean by saying that Muslims will be praying [only] in the al-Qibli chapel with the lead dome” — Ziyad Ibhais, a researcher on Jerusalem affairs:

There is no evidence that the rumors of an Iranian plan to assassinate  a U.S. diplomat are true, but if they were true, they would be yet more evidence that the Trump policies are failing:

News item for Anglo-American bigots, Muslims came here first, accompanying Spanish conquistadores:

With the courts cracking down on the Trump administration’s illegal actions …

… will Trump resort to an executive order to implement his “withdrawal from” (i.e., breach of) the JCPOA?

Like Iran, Saudi Arabia has a nuclear energy program.  Unlike Iran, the Saudis have never agreed to international inspections:

Police prevented her from commenting “on a deadly LAPD shooting the year prior” when three of then “aggressively manhandled” her “without any warning,” pushed her to the wall, handcuffed her] and shoved her into another room to humiliate her by stripping off her headscarf:

Continuing oppression of Jammu and Kashmir includes crackdowns on journalists, on commerce, and on foreign relief efforts, military murders, and police killings and cover-ups:

… but Kashmiri’s must blame themselves for their denial of women the property rights conferred upon them by Islam:






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